2-Piece Grill Cooking Grate Set for Sunstone Grills




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Product ID (ePID)17025613428


Item Height“19”””
Item Weight19


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Content Product Identifiers BrandSunstone MPNGRATESET3B GTIN5054424120245 UPC5054424120245 Product ID (ePID)17025613428 Dimensions Item Height“19””” Item Weight19 Designed to be your personal film crew, 2+ comes with unmatched autonomous subject tracking and 360 obstacle avoidance, all while capturing stunning 4K60 HDR content. Launch, fly, land, and export all with the app and get up to 27 minutes of flight time with the improved 2+ Battery. Add an accessory upgrade and connect a 2+ Beacon to fly hands-free, extending your range up to 3km or add a Controller to fly with precision for up to 6km. Specifications General SIZE W BATTERY (ANTENNAS UP) 229mm L x 274mm W x 126mm H SIZE W BATTERY (ANTENNAS DOWN) 229mm L x 274mm W x 76mm H SIZE W/O BATTERY (ANTENNAS UP) 229mm L x 274mm W x 101mm H SIZE W/O BATTERY (ANTENNAS DOWN) 229mm L x 274mm W x 51mm H SIZE OF INCLUDED HARD CASE 297 x 255 x 65 mm (l x w x h) (case fits: drone, spare propellers, charging cable, and either 2 batteries or 1 battery and 1 wall adapter.) WEIGHT WITHOUT BATTERY 500 g BATTERY WEIGHT 300 g FLIGHT TIME 27 minutes MAX FLIGHT SPEED 36 mph (fully autonomous) MAX WIND SPEED RESISTANCE 25 mph MAX SERVICE CEILING (ABOVE SEA LEVEL) 15,000 ft density altitude MAX FLIGHT ALTITUDE (FROM CONTROL DEVICE) 1,640 ft OPERATIONAL TEMPERATURE RANGE -5°C to 40°C Autonomy System MAIN PROCESSOR NVIDIA Tegra X2 SOC GPU 256-core NVIDIA Pascal™ GPU CPU Dual-Core NVIDIA Denver 2 64-bit CPU Quad-Core ARM®-A57 MPCore RAM 4GB 128-bit LPDDR4 OBSTACLE AVOIDANCE COVERAGE Omnidirectional and above/below Super fisheye lenses for 360° view 3D WORLD MODEL UPDATE RATE > 1 million points per second WORLD MODEL-TO-ACTION UPDATE RATE 500 iterations per second ONBOARD AI 9 custom deep networks used in flight USER-SELECTABLE SUBJECTS FOR TRACKING People and motor vehicles OBJECT TRACKING AND IDENTIFICATION Up to 10 simultaneous objects of interest CALIBRATION Automated online calibration of lens parameters, camera rotations, wind speed, and air density CINEMATIC SKILLS Motion Track (relative to subject motion) Fixed Track (relative to absolute orientation) One Shots (dronie, rocket, boomerang, and vortex) Cable cam (single pass, looping, or track) Wireless & GPS RANGE TO PHONE (LINE OF SIGHT, IDEAL CONDITIONS) 200 m RANGE TO BEACON (LINE OF SIGHT, IDEAL CONDITIONS) 3 km RANGE TO CONTROLLER (LINE OF SIGHT, IDEAL CONDITIONS) 6 km OPERATING FREQUENCIES 5.18-5.24 GHz 5.725-5.85 GHz CHANNEL WIDTH (STANDARD WIFI) 20 and 40 MHz CHANNEL WIDTH 5 and 10 MHz Primary Camera System SENSOR TYPE Sony IMX577 1/2.3” 12.3MP CMOS SENSOR ACTIVE PIXELS 4056 (H) x 3040 (V) LENS APERTURE f/2.8 LENS FOCAL LENGTH 20mm (35mm format equivalent) LENS DEPTH OF FIELD 1m – ∞ SHUTTER SPEED electronic shutter 1 to 1/1920s ISO RANGE video 100-3200 photo 100-3200 EXPOSURE CONTROL -2.0, -1.5, -1.0, -0.5, 0, 0.5, 1.0, 1.5, 2.0 IMAGE SIGNAL PROCESSOR Qualcomm QCS605 GPU Adreno™ 615 CPU 64-bit octa-core Kryo™ 300 DSP Hexagon™ 685, 2x HVX RESOLUTION AND MODES 3840×2160 30 fps 3840×2160 60 fps 3840×2160 48 fps 3840×2160 24 fps 1920×1080 120 fps 1920×1080 60 fps 1920×1080 30 fps BITRATE 100 Mbps VIDEO FORMAT MPEG-4 (AVC/H.264, HEVC/H.265) STILL RESOLUTION 4056×3040 (12 MP) STILL FORMATS JPEG, DNG (RAW) STILL MODES Single, Interval DYNAMIC RANGE 13 stops STORAGE Removable Micro SD Card UHS Speed Class 3 / V30 STABILIZATION MECHANICAL RANGE pitch ±124°, roll ±120°, yaw ±12.5° PITCH CONTROLLABLE RANGE -110° to +45° Navigation Camera System CONFIGURATION 6x cameras in trinocular configuration top and bottom SENSOR TYPE Sony 1/3” 4K color CMOS LENS APERTURE f/1.8 FIELD-OF-VIEW 200° ENVIRONMENT COVERAGE True 360° Up to 36 gallons per charge using the included 2Ah battery. Light weight – 6.3 with battery. Sprays up to 20 feet. Shoulder strap included for long use. Measuring cup for chemical mixing. 2.11-Gallon transparent, chemical resistant removable tank with indicator. Adjustable brass nozzle sprays liquids up to 20 feet. Trigger with lock-on feature. The Auto-Changeover LP Regulator allows you to hook up 2 Propane tanks and the regulator automatically switches over to the second tank once the first 1 runs out (and vice versa). The indicator changes color to let you know when a tank has been depleted and needs to be refilled. The inlet is a 1/4 in. SAE inverted flare and the outlet is a 3/8 in. NPT female. Product Description Large Working Space: Overall size of this large craft table: 78.7L x 23.6W x 30.1H inch, providing double working space with a 2-layer storage shelf in the middle. High Stability: Sogeshome two people desk constructed by E1 degree Environmental solid particle wood with high resistance on scratch & friction. Metal frames are 1.2 mm thick, which is 1.5 times thicker than the ordinary one of 0.8 mm, more sturdy than a normal desk with heavyweights.Multi-functional: This 78-inch desk for two-person could work as a computer desk, home office desk, craft table, writing desk, office desk, training table, exhibition table, home double desks for twins. Simple assembly is required, with all hardware, tools, and instructions included in the package.Two-person Desk: This craft table is available for two-person. The layer shelf in the middle of the 2 person desk can hold all of the important computer components, paper documents, and accessories. You can share the happy working time with your family, roommates, and friends. The toilet vitreous china construction offers resistance to acid, abrasion and staining. The all-in-one product contains the toilet bowl, tank and seat along with a wax ring and floor bolts with caps.
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