Firman 1201 Portable Generator Parallel Kit, 50-Amp



SKU: 8cc81f65973a


The Kit features a 14R to 50R 50 Amp 120-Volt Outlet with 50 Amp Circuit Breaker and a L5-30R 30 Amp 120-Volt Outlet with 30 Amp Circuit Breaker. Each outlet features an LED Light for improved visibility and outlet cover to protect from dust and debris.


  • 50-Amp
  • Simple to use, plug-n-play
  • LED panel for improved visibility
  • Built in compartment for parallel cords
  • Parallel Kit double or even triples your power by connecting two FIRMAN Inverter generators together
  • It can combine any two Inverters from FIRMAN Inverter family, whether that be our smaller 2100 Watts to our larger 3300W generators
  • Integrated outlet covers come standard on our parallel kit to protect the outlets from dust and debris