Gas Hydrostatic 42-inch 25 HP V-Twin ELS Lawn Tractor



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22-hp (16.4-kW)* Cyclonic engine
42-in. (107-cm) Accel Deep ™ Mower Deck, compatible with optional MulchControl™ kit with one-touch technology
Twin Touch™ forward and reverse foot pedals
4 year/300 hour bumper-to-bumper warranty

22-hp (16.4-kW) engine
22-hp (16.4-kW) engine

The 22-hp (16.4-kW) V-twin engine used in the Select Series™ X330 Tractor provides plenty of power and torque to handle tough mulching, mowing, and bagging conditions:

V-twin cylinder design for greater torque, lower vibration, and improved sound quality
Large, 44.2-cu in. (724-cc) displacement

Plenty of torque helps to get the job done fast.
Large displacement engine increases the ability to get an even cut without mowing a second time.
Camshaft and carburetor designs create the optimum torque rise for rapid response to varying load conditions.

Electronic ignition for fast starts
Cast-iron sleeves for longer engine life
Overhead valves for excellent power and fuel economy
Full-pressure lubrication and oil filter for keeping the oil cleaner for a long engine life and extending the time between oil changes; full-pressure lubrication is also more effective when operating the tractor on an incline
Excellent serviceability with easily replaced air filter, fuel filter, and oil filter and a convenient oil-drain hose to make draining the oil easy and clean


Air filter cover
Air filter with foam precleaner

Cyclonic air-management system removes larger particles of dirt before they reach the air filter for reduced filter maintenance and longer engine life:

Cyclonic design ejects large dirt particles before they make contact with the filter.
Large, high-quality dry-type paper element air filter thoroughly cleans engine intake air.
The cover over the air filter is easily removed with two knobs for cleaning or replacement of the filter.


Engine oil check/fill tube and oil-drain hose
Oil drain hose

Engine oil check and fill tube is conveniently located for easy access. Oil drain hose makes draining oil easy and clean.

Engine oil filter
Replaceable engine oil filter and fuel filter

Replaceable oil filter and fuel filter are easy to access and change to minimize service time and cost.

Debris inspection port covers
Debris inspection port

Two debris inspection ports help ensure clean engine fins for optimum cooling. Bolts to open them are conveniently located under the air filter cover.

A flywheel alternator provides plenty of capacity to quickly recharge the battery and power electrical equipment, such as lights or a sprayer:

14-amp charging capacity
Regulated to keep the battery at full charge without risk of overcharging


Fuel tank
Electronic fuel gauge

Large fuel tank and convenient fuel gauge minimize the number of stops for fuel and chance of running out of fuel:

Fuel tank has a large, 3.3-U.S. gal. (12.5-L) capacity for more hours of operation between refills.
Large, 3-in. (7.6-cm) diameter fuel tank filler opening makes adding fuel easy.

Located on the left fender
Helps eliminate spillage

Electronic fuel gauge on the dash display allows the operator to easily monitor the amount of fuel in the tank.

An exclusive 4-year or 300-hour (whichever comes first), single-source, bumper-to-bumper warranty* is standard for all John Deere X300 Series Tractors.

The warranty is hassle free, with one company handling all of the paperwork.
Premium features of X300 Series Tractors allow for this longer warranty period, with more coverage than comparable tractors.


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