Off® 21845 Deep Woods Pump Spray Repellent, 6 Oz



SKU: 03236a50152a


Get long-lasting protection from biting insects in heavily wooded areas in a pump spray to control application. OFF! Deep Woods® repellents provide long-lasting protection against biting insects. They repel ticks that may carry Lyme disease, mosquitoes, black flies, sand flies, chiggers, fleas, and gnats. Without the constant bother of insects, outdoor excursions become more enjoyable.

  • 6 ounce
  • Ideal for use when fishing, hiking and enjoying outdoor adventures
  • Formulated with 25% DEET
  • Provides up to 8 hours of protection against mosquitoes
  • Repels mosquitoes & other biting insects for up to 2 hours
  • Long-lasting protection from biting flies, gnats and chiggers, plus mosquitoes that may carry the West Nile Virus
  • Effective protection that won’t stain and resists perspiration
  • Pump spray allows easy application to skin and clothing.