Range Kleen 7501 Replacement Bake Oven Element, 2400 Watts, 250 Volt


SKU: 12.33


Range Kleen Bake Oven Element is a replacement for electric element inside stove.


  • Wattage: 2400/1800 Watt
  • Voltage: 250 Volt
  • Fits most Kelvinator, Kenmore and Whirlpool Electric ranges
  • Broil Unit Upper Heating Element for Kelvinator, Roper, Whirlpool Fits Models: RE953PXKT0, RE953PXKT1, RE953PXPT0, RE953PXPT1, RE953PXPT2, RE960PXKW0, RE960PXKW1, RE960PXKW2, RE960PXPW0, RE960PXPW1, RE960PXPW2, RE960PXVN0, RE960PXVN1, RE960PXVN3, RE960PXVN4, RE960PXVN5, RE960PXVW0, RE960PXVW1, RE960PXVW3, RE960PXVW4, RE960PXVW5, RE963PXKT0, RE963PXKT1, RE963PXPT0, RE963PXPT1, RE963PXPT2
  • This replaces: Kelvinator K1310236, 08014184, Roper 241725, and Whirlpool 306138, 8349965