Valvoline 773735 Engine Oil, 1 Gallon



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Valvoline 2-stroke outboard marine oil is a superior quality 2-stroke lubricant specifically designed for water-cooled, high-revving engines with pre-mix or injection systems.


  • Color : Blue/Green
  • Size:1 Gallon
  • Evaporation Rate:0.1
  • Flash Point:196 deg F
  • Odor/ Scent:Hydrocarbon-Like
  • Package Type:Bottle
  • S A E Grade:TC-W3
  • Temperature Rating:-24 to 390 deg F
  • Vapor Pressure:0.2 mmHg
  • Viscosity:36.8 sq-mm/s
  • Compositions:Distillates Petroleum Solvent-Refined Heavy Paraffinic Distillates (Petroleum) Hydro Treated Light Residual Oils (Petroleum) Solvent-Refined Naphtha (Petroleum) Heavy Aromatic
  • Minimizes wear, combustion chamber deposits, ring sticking, piston burning, port blocking and spark plug fouling
  • Enhances engine performance
  • Prolongs engine life
  • Meets and exceeds requirements of all leading engine manufacturers where an NMMA/(BIA) certified TC-W3 or preceding specification is recommended