Workhorse Coffee WHC2X18 2X Caffeine Dark Roast Coffee K-Cups, 18 Pack


SKU: 5.18


Crafted from only 100 percent Arabica coffee roasted one batch at a time. You can rely on Workhorse Coffee for excellent coffee that compares to the premium brands only found in grocery stores and retailers.


  • Flavor : 2X Caffeine dark roast
  • Package size quantity : 18 pack
  • Brand or model compatibility : OXX, CBK250G, CBK250B, Keurig
  • OXX, CBK250G, CBK250B, Keurig
  • 2X Caffine combines bold flavors with double the caffeine of a normal cup of coffee to keep your engine running all day
  • It’s batch roasted to bring out rich and smoky flavors with a smooth finish